Real Estate Transactions for June 20


19 Cherry Hill Road: Bruno J Dombrowski RET and Florence Russell to John E. Cain and Theodore E. Ebberts, $110,000 on May 24

19 Cherry Hill Road: Lillian M. Dombrowski and Florence Russell to John E. Cain and Theodore E. Ebberts, $110,000 on May 24

55 Damascus Road: Knapp Robert K Jr Est and Robyn K. Knapp to Nelson E. Conyers, $185,000 on May 24

30 Piscitello Drive: Mark R. Connell and Connell T. Patrick to Neil A. and Joann N. Landino, $347,200 on May 22

118 South Montowese Street: Florence Tobey to Ann C. Street and Tedman M. Zuse, $128,000 on May 24

22 Valley Brook Road: Household Realty Corp to Roberto and Laureen M. Napoli, $200,000 on May 24


652 Boston Post Road Unit 8: Brian and Judith McGrath to Delphes LLC, $60,000 on May 14

99 Great Harbor Road: Douglas L. Germain to John J. and Juliet E. Hilzinger, $32,500 on May 13

7 Island Bay Circle: Gary H. Geller and Lori Lowe-Geller to William L. Matthes, $900,000 on May 13

105 Ledge Hill Road: William J. Farrell to Klay and Jesscia Kruczek, $405,000 on May 14

517 Mulberry Point Road: Mulberry Rebuilt LLC to Anne Howland, $345,000 on May 16

120 North Fair Street: Guilford Institute LLC to Stacy K. Offner and Nancy S. Abramson, $619,000 on May 9

120 North Fair Street: Guilford Institute LLC to Lenore J. Martorelli, $675,000 on May 14

335 Old Whitfield St. Unit 335: Raymond Johannes to Rebecca M. Silva, $215,000 on May 10

130 South Hoop Pole Road: Jennifer A. Damato and Michael R. Anthony to Evan L. Roswall and Fernando Pita, $270,000 on May 16

78 Seaside Avenue: Stephanie Poslusny to C McManus Bldg. Inc., $237,500 on May 13

379 Whitfield St. Unit D6: George Merema and Kelly A. Giuliano to Howard and Linda Arber, $115,000 on May 16

East Haven

72 Crest Avenue: FNMA to Michelle L. Ruiz, $115,000 on May 17

11 Emma Road: Mcguire Nancy J. Est. and John H. Lindsay to Frederick and Imelda Hartman, $170,000 on May 17

43-45 Old Foxon Road: Erica L. Moore and CHFA to CHFA, $77,808 on May 16

460 Thompson Street: Danny G. Dix to Christopher Cerrito, $135,000 on May 15

North Branford

730 Forest Road: 5BS LLC to Ralph Jr. Albanese, $75,000 on May 22

58 Mountain View Terrace: Marshall L. Tamborini to Stanley Korniluk and Richard S. Kokorus, $285,000 on May 20

North Haven

137 Buell Street: Francis E. Lapka and Terence S. Osborn to Christopher Carroll and Lani C. Keller, $280,000 on May 2

99 Garfield Avenue: Margaret H. Limbacher to Craig and Christina Montanari, $317,000 on May 2

1706 Hartford Turnpike: Marie L. Bellento to Steve Porter, $150,000 on May 3

27 Marlborough Road: Janet Parkosewich to Christopher M. and Lauren M. Raffone, $355,000 on May 2

216 Quinnipiac Avenue, Unit 207: Irene and John F. Longo to Janie M. Lang, $80,000 on May 2

392 Quinnipiac Avenue: Konopacke Henry A. Est and Geoffrey A. Hecht to ANT Props LLC, $100,000 on May 3

11 Saint John Street, Unit E10: Jeanne Marie Miller to Helm Family Inv 1 LLC, $225,000 on May 1

17 Velvet Street: Bruce M. and Patricia L. Wooding to Michael and Lisa Rak, $248,000 on May 2

151 Blue Hills Road: Pasquale A. Rosadini to Stuart E. and Alison L. Seropian, $270,000 on May 15

6 Davis Road: Alton G. Hudson to Jong S. Park, $240,000 on May 13

6 Edith Way: ES Ventires 1 LLC to Robert M. Ide, $142,000 on May 13

66 Fallon Drive: Ekrem Kavgaci and Maria Psirris to Jennifer Ziegler and Michael Dean, $264,000 on May 23

89 Garfield Avenue: Jeffrey M. and John J. Yudkin to Peter L. and Traci M. Harkins, $340,000 on May 20

24 Lincoln Street: Jane S. Fiengo and Michael V. Stopkoski to Richard and Jennifer Bassett, $161,000 on May 20

24 Lincoln Street: Stopkoski Sophie South Est. and Jane Fiengo to Richard and Jennifer Bassett, $3,000 on May 20

55 Park Road: Mary Barnowski and Onewest Bank FSB to Onewest Bank FSB, $125,000 on May 20

1203 Ridge Road: Rudolf J. and Phyllis A. Krizsan to Yongping Sang, $520,000 on May 13

42 Ridgewood Terrace: Stratton Props LLC to Ryan C. Drajewicz and Catherine J. Runeari, $518,900 on May 23

30 Russell Road: Scott Vitiello to John P. and Kimberly A. Ballard, $262,000 on May 14

58 Shaw Drive: Peter A. and Charles Cappetta to Ekrem Kevgaci and Maria Prirris, $227,500 on May 23

156 State Street: Wood Scott J Est. and William Champ to Joseph A. Galati, $145,000 on May 16

87 Upper State Street: Guilie A. Deangelo to Thomas C. and Wendy E. Glynn, $168,000 on May 22

4 Woodside Drive: Girard Rita R Est and Pamela Nuzzo to Stevens LLC, $162,000 on May 20


35 Beaver Dam Road: Kenneth E. and Judith A. Bunge to Marc A. and Lisa R. Ciociola, $610,000 on May 20

92 Buell Hill Road: J&L Constr LLC to Ronald S. and Sandra T. Burlakoff, $530,000 on May 21

415 Route 148: Keith E. and Melissa I. Ellery to Kathleen Mcgrath, $285,000 on May 22


26 Allison Drive: Parker Hill Preserve LLC to Barbara A. and Thomas Dougherty, $709,450 on May 9

185 Duck Hole Road: Guilford Savings Bank to Taroq M. Sultan, $347,000 on May 14

13 Harbor Avenue: Bruce M. Topolsky and Frayda Topolosky to David J. and Tammy A. Robinson, $360,000 on May 14

23 Lenore Drive: RCR Russo Corp. to Kevin and Stephanie Wolfe, $700,724 on May 10

19 Michele Lane: Roberta J Harris RET and Lawrence S. Harris to Douglas C. Jones, $632,000 on May 9

12 Yankee Glen Road Unit 12: Merlyn E. Devos to Kristen Lewis, $220,000 on May 10


20 Bokum Road: Pear Grove Props LLC to Howard M. Berke, $335,700 on May 8

75 Middlesex Avenue: U.S. Bank NA to Shaun Savoie, $220,000 on May 20


9 Bargate Road: Joann B. and Neil A. Landino to Una L. Turnbull, $325,000 on May 23

16 Elsie Lane: Francis and Daryl R. Wentworth to Bryan R. Siewert, $426,500 on May 20

122-d Shore Road: Allen Lillian C Est and Russell H. Allen to Darrin and Dawn Tranter, $189,000 on May 23


15 Old Dobbin Lane: Mark S. and Kathleen J. Kovacs to Leonard Goldberg, $385,000 on May 8

1 Hilltop Avenue: Susan E. Saltus to Timothy M. and Kathryn F. Greene, $460,000 on May 22

Old Saybrook

9 Cove Street: Carol B. Snow to W Bruce Staebler, $331,500 on April 19

53 Cromwell Place: Stuart and Suzanna D. Otto to Mark Lech and John Hall, $405,000 on April 26

61 Cypress Road: Richard M. Miller and Roxanna Booth-Miller to Thomas E. and Julie A. Tydeman, $368,000 on April 30

100 Dudley Avenue, Unit 35: Edmund H. and Anne M. Mosca to James T. and Debra R. Odonnell, $385,000 on April 15

11 Essex Road: Swain Joan W. Est and Wendy W. Swain to Brian V. and Leslie W. Jermainne, $170,000 on April 19

Great Hammock Road, Lot 4: Virginia C. Riley to Michael A. Alfano, $10,000 on April 17

26 Jarvis Road: Keeney FT and John C. Keeney to Marc D. Kestecher and Elaina M. Kestcher, $315,000 on April 10

367 Main Street, Unit 22: Donald S. and Elizabeth H. Brodeur to E. Stuart and Suzanna D. Otto, $400,000 on April 30

46 Neptune Drive: Earl Smallshaw to George Hatem, $268,175 on April 19

17 Reservoir Road: Essex Savings Bank to Tsering C. and Jigme S. Takring, $259,000 on April 22

2 Ridge Drive: Craig N. Hartson to Walter Polteraitis, $225,000 on April 25

28 Riverside Avenue: Ner Auction System Of Mar to William T. and Joslyn L. Hansen, $450,000 on April 16

51 Seabreeze Road: Jolidon Marjorie W Est and Thomas P. Kane to Belle Valentin, $450,000 on April 24

35 Sunset Avenue: First Niagara Bank NA to Timothy D. Robin, $170,000 on April 18

15 Wild Apple Lane: Paulette R. Bitgood to Harcourt W. and Michelle L. Davis, $310,000 on April 24

8 Evans Lane: Susan L. and Raymond D. Rich to Victor J. and Kristine A. Schiavi, $182,000 on May 2

14 Evans Lane: Yvette Fournier to J. StPierre LLC, $1,200 on May 17

16 Fox Hollow Road: Christine A. Howley to Christopher A. Howley and Brooke C. Parakilas, $415,750 on May 13

20 Obed Trail: Jeanne G. Meade to Kenneth W. and Pamela M. Brandt, $350,000 on May 17

23 Otter Cove Drive: Richard C. and Eleanor M. Wilkes to Lex Ltd Ent LLC, $325,000 on May 9

11 Park Avenue: Park Rebuilt LLC to Stephen P. Regan, $494,000 on May 16

179 Plum Bank Road: Ray A. Dahman FT and Fouad Hassan to Robert M. and Kristin Y. Loughran, $1,975,000 on May 2

30 Riverside Avenue: NER Auction System Of NJ to Judith A. Ladone, $700,000 on May 16

80 Spencer Plain Road: Guaranty Bank&T Co to Jorge H. Gallego, $203,000 on May 8


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