Day also guilty of selective language use

The Day's June 9 editorial's - "Independent Party attack un-Democratic" - admonishment of Republicans for referring to the Democrat Party as the Democrat Party instead of the "Democratic Party" reminds me of Jeannie Riley's song "Harper Valley PTA."

The Day hypocritically engages its own liberally biased rhetorical political strategies itself when it refers to illegal aliens as "undocumented immigrants" and changes in election law as "Campaign Finance Reform." Not everyone for example agrees that giving away taxpayer money to politicians running for office is "reform." I certainly don't.

The Day will also call a bill it favors "bipartisan" even if it was just one Republican who voted in favor. The Day calls pro-lifers "anti-abortion activists." The list goes on and on and on.

The LameStream Media and the Democrats can use whatever terminology they wish, but no one should ever tell anyone else what words we can or cannot use when expressing ourselves.

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