Movie tip: "The Internship"

It's all going great at first, when we meet Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson's characters as the two watch salesmen realize their employer has gone out of business, and they're set adrift in an economically unwelcoming world. Then .... eureka! They decide to try for an internship at Google. So they show up on the company's campus ... and the movie slowly starts to slide downhill. At the root of the problem: The teenagers who become Vaughn and Wilson's Google "teammates" are bland and uninteresting. Watching them is the cinematic equivalent of downing Ambien. And they take up a lot of screen time. Which is too bad. Vaughn and Wilson might just be doing variations on their patented shtick - Vaughn, the fizzy fast-talker, and Wilson, the sly mellow-man - but it works, and their chemistry remains golden.



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