Sequester cuts real and are now hitting home

A visit to the New London IRS office at Shaw's Cove was a rude awakening of the effects of the federal sequester cuts: one employee worked valiantly to help myself and others who came to the IRS office for assistance. This was a second attempt to have a question answered. I arrived at the office before 8 a.m. to be sure my second visit would be more successful. I did not want to be turned away, having experienced a prior two-hour wait.

Before the security officer opened the door for business at 8:30 a.m., six other individuals were re-attempting to have their IRS needs addressed. The employee, though stressed from the demand, did her best to provide professional quality service.

Will members of Congress evaluate how federal cuts have seismic aftershocks?

Will they be willing to take cutbacks to their federal pay and health benefits or experience furloughed work days to be like their fellow citizens?

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