Movie tip: "Frances Ha"

At the beginning, I thought this was just another movie about self-absorbed, self-consciously hip young New Yorkers. But it ended up being better than that, and its characters warmer. Part of the credit must go to Greta Gerwig, actress. And the rest of the credit must go to Greta Gerwig, co-screenwriter. As the title character - a 27-year-old whose none-too-successful life is falling apart - Gerwig melds awkwardness and charm in an understated, real way. As the co-writer with director Noah Baumbach, Gerwig captures the uncertainty of life in your 20s. One of the most interesting aspects of "Frances Ha" is that Frances' big heartache comes from drifting apart from her best pal (Mickey Sumner). The film deals with how much the friendship means to Frances and how deeply she feels its loss.



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