Dark Unity Tour plays the El 'n' Gee

John Bechdel, center, and False Icons
John Bechdel, center, and False Icons

It's the industrial/metal equivalent of a superhero job applicant presenting a resume that includes being bitten by a radioactive spider, having a home with its own Bat Cave, and an ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Yes, John Bechdel, leader of the band False Icons - who headline the Dark Unity Tour coming tonight to New London's El 'n' Gee Club - has played in Ministry, Killing Joke and Prong. THAT'S cred.

The band, which also features David Brown and Jon Hendershot, have released one album, "God Complex," that displays a dark melodicism and an almost cinemascopic underpinning of electronica.

Strap On Halo and Fhtagn! are also on the bill.


The Dark Unity Tour, 7 tonight, El 'n' Gee Club, 86 Golden St., New London; with False Icons, Strap On Halo and Fhtagn!; $10 all ages; (860) 437-3800


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