Politicians, do-gooders mar Groton great event

Having been involved with the Fleet Reserve Association (FRA) in Groton Week festivities/Fourth of July parades since Groton namesake went to sea, I can say that the first Groton Week was the best. Most everyone enjoyed themselves, the local organizations/people participated in the events. Then the politicians/do-gooders and their lackeys got their hands in the pot. It is not politically correct to enjoy yourself anymore. The straw that has broken the camel's back is requiring proof of insurance above and beyond the rules and regulations of the state of Connecticut. Why does Groton feel the need to double check the state's proof of insurance process? There is a one in a million chance that the insurance card may no longer be current. How does this added check keep the spectators safe?

How far is this going to go? Will the next step be to prove the citizenship of the participants as well? Requesting passports, green cards, etc. How else can Groton remain safe?

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