Prevailing wage law open to competition

A procedural process used in the construction industry to bid and award jobs was completely misrepresented by a letter writer, "Bid specs blocked local contractors," (June 28). Prevailing wage jobs are often required when public funds are involved. The writer claimed he was excluded from the work. If he was, it was his own decision. Prevailing wage jobs simply require that the successful contractor pay people on site a specified wage, for that job only. You do not have to be a union shop or hire union workers.

You don't have to pay other employees on other jobs that rate. You will need to submit certified payroll forms for that job to verify you are paying the workers that rate. When the job is over, so is the pay rate for those workers on that job. The playing field is level for all bidders. The bid will be awarded to someone, who will need to pay the rate, so make sure you have covered it in your quote.

It is a very open process and a chance for workers to make a decent wage, if only for a short time.

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