Flanders Road project is much too costly

There has been much past discussion concerning the possibilities and costs of running water and sewer lines out Flanders Road in order to attract more businesses to that area. However, that cost is too high with no guaranteed payback. And while the businesses in that area may feel stifled and unable to expand, recall they initially chose that area because of lower cost.

We do need to make Groton attractive to businesses to help grow and support the area, so it makes sense to actively solicit small to medium business enterprises into the following areas: existing vacant storefronts in existing shopping complexes; existing vacant warehouses and facilities in the industrially zoned areas; existing land designated for development, still vacant, such as the area of Poheganut Drive. Existing businesses that need to expand should be encouraged to relocate and build in these or other similar areas.

Groton should focus on using existing facilities and areas where there are already utilities.

With Groton population slowly declining, we don't need the additional future tax burden of a $10 million bond. If this topic actually goes to referendum, Groton citizens should vote down the ordinance to bond the Flanders Road water and sewer project.

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