Mullane's disdain for Native Americans clear

Why does North Stonington First Selectman Nick Mullane think he is the gatekeeper for what happens or doesn't happen to the American Indians. The phrase "speaks with fork tongue" is as prevalent today with the likes of Mullane as it was with the early white settlers who stole Indian land.

I have dealt with Mullane and his zoning officer, only to be denied a building lot on a 32-acre parcel because they wanted to keep it for open space. If these local (foolish) town officials would have welcomed the tribal casinos from the start, instead of fighting them, they might be in better fiscal shape then they are currently experiencing.

But of course Mullane and company would prefer to pacify the older generation, trying to keep it a quaint New England town with a very small tax base, forcing families to accept a sub-par education with no security for the future.

Shame on them for being self-centered and selfish. I say time for a younger group at the helm with an open-minded perception of the future. The American Indian has endured much pain and suffering, yet Mullane spent almost $1 million trying to cause more unfairness.

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