Congress should study bills before voting

The June 29 editorial, "Why House immigration action unlikely," recommended that the House of Representatives approve the Senate Immigration Bill because even though the bill was faulted, we have "to do something."

We apparently have sunk so far as a nation that our elected representatives must pass a piece of legislation that is faulted, many have not read and few, if any, can understand to demonstrate that they are "doing something."

We should be demanding that our elected representatives prepare, read, comprehend and vote on legislation that truly addresses a problem, is concise and clear enough for every citizen to read and understand and not reliant on future hopes of it's impact or fixing it later if it doesn't work out.

This past week we saw yet another example of the uncertainty, confusion and chaos caused by a similar overly complex bill, which many representatives did not read and few if any could understand, passed by Congress only three years ago. Approving this new bill makes the same mistake. I think the American public deserves much better and passage of clear, concise and understandable legislation by our Congress should be the editorial position of all our newspapers.

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