Real Estate Transactions for July 11


36 Bryan Road: FHLM to Rebuilt Homes LLC, $156,000 on June 12

142 Cherry Hill Road: June M. Heimann RET and Fred Heimann to Brian Walsh and Emily Virden, $200,000 on June 12

2 Chestnut Hill, Unit 2: Tara A. McNulty to Theresa A. Tanucci, $185,000 on June 10

40 Jerimoth Drive, Unit 40: James E. and Linda Donegan to Charles A. and Joann Martindale, $210,000 on June 10

95 Meadow Wood Road: John K. MacNeil to Vincent and Jacqueline Pennacchini, $320,000 on June 14

39 Oak Ridge Road: Elizabeth B. Oppel to Herbert S. and Doris E. Gilkey, $94,500 on June 14

26 Old Quarry Road: Bruce A. Nichol to Bartholomew and Anna Wasiolek, $399,000 on June 11

3 Sundance Drive, Unit 3: CHFA to Yong Jin Wu and Peiying Liu, $98,800 on June 10

161 Turtle Bay Drive, Unit 161: Thomas R. Romano to Rilla P. Dath, $225,000 on June 10

387 Walden Green Road, Unit 387: Kristen A. and Matthew Park to Deidre M. Stimpson, $150,000 on June 10

26 Wood Road: J B. English to Joseph J. and Mary J. Gargano, $943,500 on June 14

East Haven

453 Short Beach Road: RSK Prop Mgmt LLC to Paree LLC, $800,000 on May 22

560 Silver Sands Road, Unit: Helen J. Pertesis to William Lee, $202,500 on April 29

560 Silver Sands Road, Unit 1602: Tracey A. Fucci and Richard D. Patterson to Anthony M. Savo, $151,000 on May 30

506 Strong Street: Andrea Grazioso to Associated Willow Props, $134,000 on May 23

7 Thornton Street: Parise Paul E. Est and Barbara A. Parise to J4 LLC, $90,000 on May 28

225 Warner Road: Phyllis A. Johnson to Philip C. and Christina A. Barber, $48,000 on May 23

32 Wood Terrace: Robert R. Ruther RET and Robert R. Luther to Brad and Nicole M. Baumhor, $322,000 on April 29

155 Burr Street: Home 2 Grow LLC to Tweed New Haven Airport, $137,500 on June 11

26 Harmac Drive: Sincavage Thomas J. Est and Thomas J. Sincavage to Lava K. and Gita Bhandari, $167,000 on June 11

5 Jillson Drive: Robert F. Sarno to Marco Zanette, $175,000 on June 12

650 Main Street: DBC East Haven LLC to European Acquisition Co, $500,000 on June 10

136 Meadow Street: Henry A. and Paulette K. Prohaska to Henry A. and Laura Prohaska, $185,000 on June 10

560 Silver Sands Road, Unit 412: Michael P. Lawlor to Laurie J. French, $228,000 on June 10

132 Sorrento Avenue: Deutsche Bank Natl T Co to Lisa Santoroski, $109,299 on June 7

140 Thompson Street, Unit 24H: Antonia A. Ragozzino to Ellen and Jennifer Sun, $117,000 on June 11


122 Kenneth Circle: Benedetto A. Minichino to Laurence A. and Tess G. Merling, $245,000 on May 24

1403 Little Meadow Road: Thomas A. and Lucy Moran to Eric and Renee Webb, $515,000 on May 17

2821 Long Hill Road: Alison H. Brierley to Shane C. and Jennifer L. Bradley, $567,000 on May 20

273 Mulberry Point Road: Lydia L. Robinson to Christina Esposito, $245,000 on May 24

22 Summer Street: Marcia Z. Parks to John and Jeanne Kiernan, $220,000 on May 24

212 Woodland Road: Sylvan and Terese H. Hill to Michael and Debra Amatruda, $282,500 on May 31

74 Davis Drive: Joan M. Supeau to William J. and Laurie W. Eggers, $347,000 on June 7

87 Decatur Avenue: Cynthia C. Macleman to John J. Macleman and Susan Walsh-Macleman, $275,000 on June 10

217 Maupas Road N: FHLM to Jeannine M. Skitgis, $250,000 on June 6

21 Mill Road: Agnes Bailey to Beverly K Rawls RET and Beverly K. Rawls, $781,000 on June 7

53 Murray Lane: Harald G. Foellmer to David Mainiak and Sarh Maliniak, $319,000 on June 10

183 Orcutt Drive: Michael C. and Amy A. Bush to Randolph B. Frankel and Marianne Bolgar-Frankel, $620,000 on June 11

194 State Street: Ethel B. Keogh to Marguerite Bonner, $380,000 on June 10

50 Wimler Lane: PMC Dev LLC to Steven E. and Karen A. Stemier, $479,323 on June 6

North Haven

216 Quinnipiac Avenue, Unit 216: Floriana Aguzzi to Nicholas J. and Arlene Dangelo, $63,000 on May 31

600 Washington Avenue, Unit D7: Kelly M. and Nicholas J. Rykoski to Corinne B. Dahman, $275,000 on May 29

600 Washington Avenue, Unit C3: Anthony C. and Julie A. Dauria to Tori Anne Dauria, $242,500 on May 24

18 Hilltop Terrace: Barbara Deitch to Sarah Malcomb, $210,000 on June 12

356 Old Maple Avenue: Project Won LLC to Old Maple Avenue LLC, $250,000 on June 7

1414 Ridge Road: Blanche L. Proto and Monica P. Contessa to Rachel E. Laff and Noah Martin, $359,500 on June 11


108 East Wharf Road: Margaret G. Atkinson to Elizabeth Richards-Dexter and David E. Rogers, $720,000 on May 16

43 Fort Path Road: Michael A. and Danielle B. Gervais to Asher and Sarah Raynold, $290,000 on May 16

236 Fort Path Road: Renae E. Vandell and GMAC Mtg LLC to GMAC Mtg LLC, $1 on May 24

53 Hartford Avenue: Kenneth F. and Carol R. Holec to Steven D. and Michelle D. Dyson, $865,000 on May 16

252 Hunters Trail: Charles Fedon and Madison Town Of to Madison Town Of, $1 on May 22

16 Jefferson Park Road: Thomas Orourke and GMAC Mtg LLC to GMAC Mtg LLC, $1 on May 24

248 Legend Hill Road, Unit 248: Ashley Frost to Mary A. Tracey, $257,500 on May 20

97 Middle Beach Road: WM Plunkett LLC to Malcolm G. Campbell, $420,000 on May 20

21 Milano Pond Drive: Dominic Spera to Gregory C. Walby, $449,000 on May 24

58 Neck Road: Heidi Voegeli and RBS Citizens to RBS Citizens, $1 on May 20

560 Opening Hill Road: Mark F. and Arlys W. Raymond to Ann D. Phillips, $369,000 on May 16

97 Overshores West: Kevin N. and Shaun L. Glazier to Thomas and Casey Marchetti, $600,000 on May 31

27 Shepherds Trail: RSSS LLC to Mirjeta Ulku, $110,000 on May 17

16 Tuxis Road: Cynthia L. Flannigan to Susan A. Flannigan, $55,000 on May 30

16 Tuxis Road: Robert W. Flannigan to Susan A. Flannigan, $67,000 on May 30

16 Tuxis Road: Kathy M. Pitura to Susan A. Flannigan, $50,000 on May 30

11 Willard Avenue: Nancy Thevenet and Joan J. Newman to Christopher J. Garvey and Sara R. Smithken, $863,500 on May 29

353 Boston Post Road: Sunshine House Inc to Milano Properties LLC, $630,000 on June 11

18 Brantwood Drive, Unit 18: Marie E. Birnbaum to William and Patricia Pegg, $210,000 on June 11

25 Eastwood Drive: Michael D. and Lesli C. Hanby to Robert Gilbert, $389,900 on June 11

1 Evarts Lane, Unit 1: Constance Holden-Somers to Peter C. and Mary A. Schultz, $820,000 on June 10

9 Madison Avenue: Patricia A. Comer and Terry L. Swarts to Cynthia Curtis, $750,000 on June 11

259 Mungertown Road: Kelly Connell to Robinson C. Vancil, $349,000 on June 7

26 Stanton Court: John P. Corwin and Diana L. Insolio to Matthew and Sabrina Kuperstein, $640,000 on June 12

301 Warpas Road: Schoolside Square Inc to Vigliotti Const Co, $155,000 on June 7

11 Woodlawn Avenue: Lenny J. and Majorie W. Dorr to Paul A. and Kay Taheri, $1,430,000 on June 10


49 Bishop Road: Joseph P. and Peggy A. Schaedler to Jerrold L. and Andrea L. Kaplan, $638,000 on May 17

6-b Kings Highway: David and Laura A. Fredericks to Baronowskus L. Bellamy and Michael Baronowskus, $139,000 on May 15

96 Goose Hill Road: SVJ LLC to Carl and Wendy Fossum, $90,000 on June 11


6 Colonial Drive: Marc A. and Lisa R. Ciociola to Caitlin E. Eichler, $363,000 on May 16

17 Kenilworth Drive: Doris M. Fallon to Kurt F. Tiedemann, $385,000 on May 14

87 Liberty Street: Philip Berry to Joshua R. Davis, $139,000 on May 14

25 Pearl Street: John T. Patrizio FT and Lisa M. Dutton to Scott L. Erickson and Lisa J. Lemontangue, $192,500 on May 17

9 Plymouth Court, Unit 9: Hill Patricia W. Est and Kelley A. Hanke to Kenneth and Anita T. Rupley, $118,000 on May 14

36 Fairy Dell Road: Mark E. and Laura A. Richter to Daniel S. Straka and Beth J. Stone, $255,000 on June 10

23 Kelsey Road: Mark Toledo and Ricardo Salazar to Susan F. Kelly, $519,900 on June 10

42 West Road: KJLPC Ventures LLC to James G. and Elizabeth Fortsch, $580,000 on June 11

24 Willow Lane: Daniel and Janet O'Leary to Cheryl L. Thompson and Jessica D. Sears, $245,000 on June 12


10 Foxboro Road: Robert Ricciardello to Chester W. Kitchings, $1,050,000 on May 15

55 Pond Meadow Road: Antonio and Leslie S. Unger-Verna to Adam and Victoria M. Pipkin, $202,500 on May 17

11 Main Street: Vesy RET and Marcella M. Vesy to Newbrook Props LLC, $530,000 on June 14


Lower Ledge Road, Lot 17: Gary M. and Mary E. Frohlich of Killingworth to Ronald G. Freitas, $75,000 on June 14

North Branford

65 Nida Drive: Elissa M. and Brad R. Crerar to Kubie N. Norman and Charles A. Kubie, $280,000 on June 14

Old Saybrook

55 Ayers Point Road: Nicholas A. Saraceno and Susan H. Rimkie-Saraceno to Todd L. and Sarah E. Wiza, $267,000 on June 18

Boston Post Road: Banco Popular N America to OSCT LLC, $615,000 on June 12

41 Coulter Street: Joanne R. Pace to George and Christine Macdonnell, $315,800 on May 31

52 Coulter Street: Edward V Banassr T and Susan D. Case to Barbara L. Batt, $280,000 on June 7

22 Cromwell Court: Walter D. and Patricia M. Osborne to Leif A. and Christine C. Martin, $570,100 on June 3

2 Dwayne Road: Richard C. and Diane F. Cohan to Jon Collins, $375,000 on May 24

20 Fenwick Street: Audrey A. and Richard D. Allen to Jeanne and Owen Gade, $399,000 on June 25

5 James Court: Peter M. and Traci A. Cardella to James J. and Maureen Bedus, $352,000 on June 17

101 Old Boston Post Road: David T. Gometz and Meghan Higgins to Stephen P. and Lori A. Roslonek, $385,000 on May 30

95 Old Post Road: Edna J. Haagensen to Hollis N. Egloff, $410,000 on June 05

61 Otter Cove Drive: Bruce J. and Sara B. Sherwin to Suzanne G. Mcconville, $555,000 on May28

5 Overlook Drive: Deirdre McKenna-Reed to Susan H. Quish, $700,000 on June 17

94 Sea Lane: Joseph F. Salustro to Geoffrey P. and Virginia H. Fitzgerald, $58,000 on May 28

94 Sea Lane: Josephine Walonski to Geoffrey P. and Virginia H. Fitzgerald, $58,000 on May 28

122 Sea Lane: Alice R. Scibelli to Timothy J. Arborio, $844,600 on June 19

120 Spencer Plain Road: GEM Props LLC to Nicole and William Abbott, $219,777 on June 3


Boston Post Road: Scott Ramaika to Michael J. and Nancy Mansi, $2,200 on May 13

Boston Post Road: Jay D. Fajen and Patricia A. Rudolph to Rosetta and Brian E. Gilbert, $3,400 on May 15

Boston Post Road: Kathleen Klinck to Dean Labrecque and Dawn Lebrecque, $3,600 on May 17

N/a: Westbrook Town Of to Pilots Point Marina Inc, $5,000 on May 17

64 Chapman Beach Road: Craig Stauning to Michael K. and Carole A. Greco, $470,000 on June 7

53 Eckford Avenue: Jack A. Huttner IRT and Sharon G. Huttner to Bruce P. and M.C. Lawrence, $100,000 on June 13

Deep River

42 Winterberry Road: Julie A. Brown to Bruce and Kathryn Kovalenko, $825,000 on May 17


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