Random acts of kindness to a runner

Last Saturday I went for a 12-mile run in New London for some heat training to get ready for the Kelley race.

It soon got hotter than I calculated, I began searching for water and ran into random acts of kindness along my route.

RAK #1: I came upon Illiano Pizza on Broad Street and asked a waitress if she could spare a cup of water.

She came said, "Come in," and gave me a 16 oz. cup with ice and cold water.

RAK #2: Farther down Broad Street by the firehouse, a postal carrier was delivering the mail to two older women on their porch.

You could tell he was baking.

The women gave him two bottles of water to cool off.

As I finished my run and got into my car, I put on the Reducers' "What's so funny 'bout Peace, Lovin' Understanding."

All this time, maybe the great band was singing about the fine people of New London when they closed their shows.

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