Spending continues despite sequestration

I found it curious the Public Broadcasting System's airing of the festivities from our nation's capitol on July 4th was paid for by taxpayers, but that because of sequestration other holiday celebrations around the country had to be canceled.

Reckless spending to promote and delay Obamacare continues despite the fact hard-working citizens are facing mandatory 20 percent pay cuts, the White House is still closed to visitors, entitlements continue to rise, fireworks displays at our military installations and air shows are canceled.

We taxpayers continue to pay for the follies of the president and secretary of state who have recently pledged billions to Africa and rogue nations around the world, again validating the fact that sequestration has not slowed our government's addiction to spending our money.

It seems as though sequestration is not part of the lexicon for those inside the Beltway.

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