Music tip: "On the Prowl"

Walter "Wolfman" Washington

Reading a typically silly, look-how-casually-hip-we-are, staff-generated list of the "100 Greatest Albums of All Time" in a recent issue of Entertainment Weekly, it occurred to me: not one of the people who contributed has ever even heard of the New Orleans soul singer/guitarist Walter "Wolfman" Washington. I'd bet on it. Granted, as a leader, Washington's somewhat obscure because he spent so much time as the music director for the late, great vocalist Johnny Adams. But Washington is formidable under his own moniker, as this 2000 release indicates. I'm not sure "On the Prowl" is one of the best 100 albums ever made, but I wouldn't trade my copy for about 60 of the records on the EW list. Oh, and in concert? Washington and his Roadmasters band are wonderful. See them headline Sailfest on Friday at 9 p.m. on the Custom House Stage.



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