Connecticut losing out on business

Hats off to legislators who felt we should have competition in the moving business in Connecticut.

Although the governor vetoed the bill, he agreed it was a good idea for next year.

Meanwhile, Coutu Movers, with help from the state of Rhode Island, is doing business in Massachusetts out of a new warehouse in Rhode Island, with two more new trucks and 10 employees.

The state legislature in Providence did not even have to pass a law to make it happen.

We should have those jobs in Connecticut. It could have happened if the governor's office had called the state Department of Transportation and said, "Someone on your team made a bad decision. Correct it!"

If the captain of a ship gives a command "right full rudder," and the helmsman decides he likes the course he is on better, that's trouble. In our state, that mentality might lead to becoming the 45-worst state in the nation for attracting jobs.

Even worse, we might become the only state in the union with a negative gain in gross product. What we need in Connecticut is not more legislation, we need more leadership.

Editor's note: The writer is a former state senator.

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