Most Republicans do care about science

Your "GOP ignores science at own peril," of July 5 makes a generalization about the Republican Party based upon the doings of one member of the populist branch of the party.

Contrary to the smug assertion that Republicans ignore science I'd suggest to you that there are Republicans in this city more conversant on the subject of public health than your editorial staff. Also the party has huge numbers of scientists and engineers. Not all of us agree with all the other members of our party but do you really espouse the notion that we should purge them or something?

Instead such a lame editorial how about one that promotes the safety economic benefits of nuclear power? How about having a tech page that is about technology? How about you report and comment on things that matter rather than making political hay out of something that will be a footnote just to advance your pre-determined position that the Republican party is doomed unless it becomes the Democrat party? How about and editorial about what makes a theory scientific rather than speculation? Do you even know?

In a free society the Fourth Estate serves a purpose. You aren't serving it by picking fights over trivia.

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