A 'know nothing' administration

When will The Day run an editorial apologizing for twice endorsing Barack Obama, a hopelessly inept and unqualified president?

Media mavens consider themselves educated, perceptive people. Unfortunately, too many are blinded by liberal biases.

It didn't require a Ph.D., only basic common sense to see Obama's glaring flaws of character and qualifications. Affirmative action is a questionable PC social experiment and has no place in promoting a candidate eminently unworthy of the office.

We now have a "know nothing" administration. Obama "knows nothing" about the scandals permeating his administration. Eric Holder "knows nothing." Hillary "knew nothing, Lois Lerner "knows nothing" yet takes the Fifth. FBI director Muller "knows nothing." It was embarrassing watching Chuck Hagel's stumbling confirmation hearings. Obama press fabricator Jay Carney "knows nothing."

Obama's administration has much in common with the Know Nothing anti-Catholic movement of the 1850s. His vicious and unprecedented attack on religious freedom, HHS mandates, disparaging comments about Christian and Catholic schools as "divisive" continue to reveal his animus for religious freedom.

Obama is the most anti-Catholic, anti-life president in history yet many Catholics mindlessly and naively supported him. We are now harvesting the poisonous fruit of the evil administration they helped enable.

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