NL Aug. 6 vote chance to send a message

New London city government has become dysfunctional to the point of no return. The city is in a downward spin that has only become worse with each passing day. The police department is in disarray, city properties are a mess and not kept up, spending by the Board of Education is out of control.

On Aug. 6 there is a budget referendum on the school and city budget and mill rate. The only power that the citizens of New London have is with the budget. When the administration allows trained officers to leave at an alarming rate, the cost to replace them is an added expense to taxpayers.

When the school system spends taxpayers dollars budgeted to educate children on flowers, lunching at local restaurants, bottled water for the staff as well as trips and car rentals rather than spending on educating children, the time has come to stop the madness.

The cry heard from the people who have collected referendum petition signatures is for accountability, responsibility and transparency. With all that is going on, the time for accountability and transparency is long overdue.

A rejection of the school and city budget and mill rate will send a message loud and clear that the time for accountability, responsibility and transparency is now!

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