Editorial had it wrong, GOP deserves blame

I was disappointed that the editorial, "We're finally getting it about sequestration," (July 8), lacked context about the budget debate happening in Washington. Congress needs to work together to pass a budget ending sequestration. Unfortunately, it is the Republican majority in the House that has steadfastly blocked a resolution on passing a budget, locked in sequestration and obstructed Democratic proposals to end sequester.

Congressman Courtney has been front and center in urging action on sequestration. When the furlough policy was first announced in March, he contacted me and other impacted employees to understand how these cuts would effect our military readiness. On our behalf, he wrote to Defense Secretary Hagel to urge him to take all possible action to reduce or eliminate furloughs, which were reduced from 22 to 11 days.

Courtney came before our membership last week to hear directly from the proud civilian defense workers sidelined by sequestration and update us on the latest in the congressional budget negotiations.

The picture in Washington is bleak, but I am grateful to have Congressman Courtney on our side. I hope that his colleagues on both sides of the aisle will work on the budget and stop the self-inflicted damage to our military readiness under sequestration.

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