Water plan lose-lose for many in E. Lyme

The July 10 editorial, "A win-win on water," inspired my advocating of common sense once again. East Lyme spent about $4.5 million to purchase land to protect aquifer water from pollution. They plan to pump this unpolluted water to an above ground reservoir (Lake Konomoc) for storage, thereby exposing this unpolluted water to unfiltered acid rain, runoff from surrounding roads, bird/fish/frog/turtle excrements, and water lost due to evaporation. Then East Lyme will pump this inferior water back to be subjected to a New London fee for its use.

Some late Ukrainian immigrants would utter the word "dewrock" concerning this East Lyme plan. Common sense dictates don't pump clean tasty well water, protected from pollution, into an open reservoir.

Higher-income Americans, who increase the town's summer population, should continue with temporary summertime well water conservation until our national money borrowing crises is over.

Unfortunately, their money gets politicians elected who will do whatever it takes to protect their summer cottage lifestyle that impedes protecting our nation's solvency. Any selectman qualified to be a congressman would've recognized the folly in this $10 million expenditure. Such local spending undermines the sacrifices lower-income Americans are forced to make to help solve our nation's money borrowing crises.

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