Old Lyme Republicans nominate candidates including Sibley for selectman

Old Lyme - The Republican Town Committee endorsed a slate of candidates for the town's boards and commissions, including incumbent Arthur "Skip" E. Sibley Jr. for the Board of Selectmen, at a special meeting Tuesday.

But the Republicans did not put forward a candidate for first selectman. The Democratic Town Committee on Monday endorsed incumbent First Selectwoman Bonnie Reemsnyder, who was elected to her first term in 2011 and has served on the Board of Selectmen since 2003.

The Republican Town Committee endorsed Christopher Kerr, Janet Sturges, J. David Kelsey (alternate) and Robert Jose (alternate) for the Board of Finance.

Steven Cinami, Kirk Hoerauf and Stephen Spooner received endorsements for the Board of Education, along with Max Greenwood, an unaffiliated candidate, and Rick Goulding, a Democratic candidate.

The slate further included John Johnson and Tom Risom for the Zoning Commission; former First Selectman Timothy Griswold for the Board of Assessment Appeals; Cathy Carter, Arthur Sibley, Martha Rumskas, Harry Plaut (alternate) and Laurie O'Brien (alternate) for the Zoning Board of Appeals; Eileen Coffee for town clerk; and Donald Willis and Steven Ross for the Planning Commission.

Arthur "Skip" E. Sibley, Jr. said he was thrilled with his endorsement and looking forward to serving another term. "I think we've gotten a lot accomplished for the town," he said.

Kelsey, the Republican Town Committee Chairman, said it was heartening to see so many candidates interested in the positions and he thanked everyone who showed interest. He said Tuesday's slate reflected "very strong, civically-active, community-minded" candidates.

He said while some residents had indicated interest in the first selectman position, the extensive time requirements of the role did not make this election the right time for them personally.



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