Democrats are radicals in spending, borrowing

The dictionary defines "radical" as departing from the "usual" or "customary." The Day editorial of July 24, "Calamity John," accuses certain members of the GOP of being "radical" because they believe in cutting spending. Is it unusual or uncustomary or "radical" to refuse to spend more then you earn? Is it unusual or uncustomary or "radical" to borrow more then you can repay? Are credit card cost "radical" when they refuse to give credit above the borrower's maximum? What is unusual or uncustomary or "radical" about wanting to reduce a $17 trillion debt that is financed by borrowing from China? The Day begs for a "grand compromise" of tax reform and "spending reform" (not cuts).

Ask the taxpayers of Detroit when the last time the union-controlled Democrats ever agreed to any grand compromise. The word bankrupt is meaningless to union-controlled Democrats.They want to continue spending money they don't have.

Bernanke continues to pump millions into an artificially stimulated economy fanning the flames of inflation. What is "radical" is borrowing money, spending the money and then borrowing more. That is a blueprint for a real calamity. I want to see The Day's balance sheet. Does The Day borrow and spend money it does not have?

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