Obama faces serious, not phony scandals

The comments delivered by President Obama July 24 were extremely offensive and not worthy of the office he so poorly has represented. To insinuate that the recent scandals surrounding his administration are "phony" and preventing him from making any progress in Washington is not only disingenuous, it is shameful.

Look into the eyes of the parents and families of the four murdered Americans in Benghazi and utter the word "phony;" look at the issues that continue to surface and surround the IRS; invoking the Fifth Amendment; illegal scrutiny of private Americans records for political gain; targeting organizations not aligned with the political agenda of this administration; misuse of public funds with no accountability or consequence - and utter the word "phony;" consider the mess at the NSA where no one in this massive organization knows or will answer truthfully who is spying on who; what criteria is in place to determine who is targeted and what protections are in place, then utter "phony."

The optics of these mismanaged organizations running amok with taxpayers' dollars is unacceptable.

The only phony here is the president and his ardent defenders.

All Americans should be offended.

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