Woe to a country that ignores scripture

A few thoughts regarding the letter, "Bible-thumping tirade has no basis in law," (July 16).

Our forefathers were thoroughly versed in the Holy Scriptures and therefore the Constitution of the United States was intently based on those guidelines. Our Constitution was strictly adhered to in the rulings of the Supreme Court until its legalization of abortion in the mid-1970s. From that time on the moral structure of our society has been altered significantly. Once these essential guidelines were disposed of, there were no moral limits.

What has always been immoral in the teachings of the churches has now been declared by the Supreme Court to be moral. We humans are unutterably unable to set healthy boundaries based solely on our own "wisdom" and given that, we drift into chaos.

This has been obvious throughout the entire history of the human race. When, through the human "wisdom" of our Supreme Court, same-sex marriage was legalized, we immediately began to hear about the advent of polygamy. We need to stop being part of the problem and return to the Solution.

Psalm 119 states, "Your statutes are my counselors. Open my eyes that I may see the wonders of your law."


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