Woman who sprayed cat with insect poison gets accelerated rehabilitation

A Gales Ferry woman charged with animal cruelty last month after spraying her cat with the insect repellent Raid and dumping it in a park was granted accelerated rehabilitation Tuesday in New London Superior Court.

Alexis DeLorge, 55, of 1010 Long Cove Road had called several agencies seeking help with the cat, which “had some issues,” according to her attorney, TJ Morelli-Wolfe. He said DeLorge is disabled.

When she approached the cat, it would hiss at her and extend its paws as if to scratch her, according to Morelli-Wolfe. On June 23, she was trying to capture the cat and it wasn’t cooperating, he said. DeLorge grabbed the can of Raid, which was “all that was available,” according to Morelli-Wolfe.

The animal control officer who handled the case could not immediately be reached for comment, and it was unclear which park DeLorge took the cat to after spraying it with the insect poison.

Judge Karen A. Goodrow granted DeLorge’s application for the accelerated rehabilitation program. The criminal charge will be dismissed if she stays out of trouble for six months. DeLorge briefly addressed the judge but spoke so softly that her comments could not be heard from the gallery.

Ledyard animal control officer Kimlyn Marshall, who is familiar with the case, said the cat is doing well.

“The cat was signed over and received medical help and went to a wonderful, wonderful home,” she said.


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