Red Sox give to get pitcher Jake Peavy

The Red Sox made a splash as today's MLB trade deadline expired acquiring pitcher Jake Peavy from the White Sox in a three team deal that sent Jose Iglesias to Detroit.

With any trade, there is always risk involved which naturally brings speculation, but I think it's a move the Red Sox had to make. As stated in this blog over the season, the Red Sox have far exceeded expectations and continue to do so at 64 wins. But in a division where the Rays are also at 64 wins and the Orioles and Yankees still in the hunt, a move had to be made to help the starting rotation and the bullpen.

This move addresses both bringing Peavy into the starting rotation and pushing Workman back to the pen. By the way, Brandon Workman pitched great last night and we've seen him do that on a few occasions. That should make you excited moving forward, but I think he's best served in the bullpen at this stage.

There are some arguments brought up when it comes to Peavy including that Boston already has the same type of pitcher in the rotation with Ryan Dempster. While the numbers have been erratic and he's coming off another injury, my opinion is that Peavy is a better option especially in a playoff situation (if they get there).

I'm not surprised the Red Sox did nothing offensively as this team, believe it or not, continues to lead the American League in many categories including runs scored.  Their numbers for pitching have been good as well, but with the injury to Buchholz and not many options (right now) in the minors, Ben Cherington felt this move addressed a team need.

It's tough seeing a player like Iglesias go. A guy you drafted, that's been groomed in your minor league system, you always like to see stay but in pro sports now it's almost never the case. I think Detroit made out really well as it addresses a need on the left side of the field and upgrades them defensively as we've all seen what Iglesias can do with his glove.

Again, it's not so much Jake Peavy but the injury to Buchholz that's the big factor as to why a move had to be made. He's projected to come back in early September but there's no guarantee he'll stay healthy and be ready for the playoffs. By the way, I hope he is.

What this move does is bring in another veteran pitcher who, at times, still has good stuff and is a better option than untested arms in the minors. I'm not thrilled about the Sox having to pick up his 14.5 million dollar contract next season but in a trade you have to give to get.

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