Whether a yes or no, New Londoners urged to vote on Tuesday

As a member of the League of Women Voters, it is in my nature to urge all citizens to vote in every election for which they are eligible. Failure to vote weakens our democracy each and every time it happens and yes, even when it happens in August.

New London residents are responsible for voting on Tuesday, Aug. 6 to decide the fate of the hard won city budget for the upcoming fiscal year. We will be asked to approve the proposed budgets for both the school system and for the municipal government, as well as to approve the increased (up 3.38 percent) mill rate required to finance both.

If you are eligible to vote and don't have an opinion regarding whether these budgets should be accepted or rejected, please consider this: The mayor, the city councilors and the school board members were duly elected to formulate these problematic documents, among other tasks. They have, by all accounts, done their best. We now owe it to them to vote: either "no" if there is cause to do so or else "yes" in acknowledgement of their work.

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