Keep Veterans Field for the young people

There is more to the story about the proposed site for a New London community center.

When the city sold the Edgerton School property to Peter Levine, residents rallied to protect the quality of life in the area. Adjoining Veterans Field was where our children played and practiced for their teams.

The field became the site for portable classrooms while our city began rebuilding our school infrastructure. The city's commitment to the neighbors was to restore fields once the portable classrooms were removed. But with classroom removal beginning there is a new movement to take our Veterans Field away, this time forever.

This proposed community center site is flawed from every aspect. I spoke at council meetings when the Edgerton School property was put up for sale, suggesting a municipal campus or community center. Instead the property sold for approximately $335,000 and remains unused.

Today the plan is to take away more open space and sports fields from the youth of New London and my neighborhood.

City Council President Michael Passero has been leading the community center group and the mayor supports a center, but says there is no funding. This is not the time and Veterans Field is not the place.

I support a community center. What I oppose is losing Veterans Field for my neighborhood and for city youth.

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