Groton decision nears: Vote one yes, other no

On Aug. 14, the Groton Town RTM voted to pass two ordinances that will now be referred to the taxpayers for a referendum this fall. By a wide margin they approved the police station upgrade that includes expansions of intake/booking sections, holding cells, CCTV surveillance, shooting range and roof repairs. Costs are minimal and I recommend that taxpayers approve this ordinance.

But by a narrow 14-13-1 margin, the RTM also approved the Flanders Road water/sewer project, over objections, including excessive costs to taxpayers on a gamble that might only benefit a major landowner without attracting new business. Some members want taxpayers to decide whether to risk the expense.

I recommend this ordinance be rejected by taxpayers. We have existing areas with water/sewer utilities. Let's focus on using what we have without committing to uncertainty as there are still bonds to pay off on other projects.

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