Is Egypt playing along with Israel over Sinai?

Mourci, the removed Egyptian president, agreed to leave Sinai to the Palestinian group Hezbollah. Because of the Camp David agreement with Israel, the Egyptian army is not allowed to send heavy weaponry to Sinai to clear the Palestinians.

There seems to be a secret agreement between Mourci, Israel to give Sinai to Hezbollah as a price and condition for Hezbollah to stay clear of Israel.

The U.S. newscasts have not reported on how Sinai is controlled by the Palestinians. U.S. news reporters only give their daily reports from inside the Muslim Brothers occupied areas. The journalists would not dare to mention anything against the Muslim Brothers. These journalists do not mention that the Muslim Brothers kidnapped tens of the Egyptian arm officers, killed hundreds of Christians and burned churches. On Aug. 14 the BBC evening news showed pictures of the burned churches.

The Muslim Brothers, under Mourci, did control most high government offices the Parliament. They wanted to apply the Sharia Law on the Egyptian people. They forced legislations mainly against women. The Egyptian Muslim women have the integrity and honor to stand with the majority of the Egyptian people against the control and governing of Egypt by the Muslim Brothers.

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