Real Estate Transactions for Aug. 22


141 Austin Ryer Lane, Unit 141: Ram H. and Ram K. Bhandari to Muna Bhandari, $150,000 on July 25

333 Clark Avenue: Anne M. Lata to Herman Kustra, $100,000 on July 23

16 Jefferson Woods Road, Unit 16: Lorraine A. Beckstein to Catherine Anthony, $82,500 on July 22

29 Johnsons Point Road: Susan M. Pierson to Johnson Point Rebuilt LLC, $265,000 on July 23

8 Montoya Drive, Unit 8: William J. and Sandra M. Callahan to Michael Rengigas, $158,500 on July 22

340 Pine Orchard Road: Findell Leslie C RET and Nancy M. Vendetti to Peter N. and Maureen D. Herbert, $1,375,000 on July 24

211 Plymouth Colony, Unit 211: Susan A. Shellard to Benjamin R. Boutaugh and Maria Cardalliaguet, $194,500 on July 25

11 Pond View Terrace: Stephen R. and Michele A. O'Connor to Scott and Nichole Penner, $600,000 on July 26

726 Robert Frost Drive, Unit 726: Linsley Donna Est and Elaine Yedder to Bimala K. and Dipesh Thapa, $84,500 on July 26

58 South Montowese Street: Frank J. Brereton to Kenneth J. and Deborah S. Peterson, $182,000 on July 24

18 Thimble Island Road: FNMA to Joseph R. Pagliaro, $267,500 on July 26

N/A: Louis E. Feniola to Dipesh and Bimala K. Thapa, $84,500 on July 26

East Haven

5 Birch Lane, Unit D: Melissa Jungeblut to Alyssa Wollman, $110,000 on July 19

170 Cosey Beach Road: Annette M. Konikoff to US Bank, $1 on July 18

49 David Drive: Joseph S. Carboni and Elaine T. Mastrobianni to Pat Anthony, $164,900 on July 22

80 Frank Street: Kristen Dilieto to ASM Prospect LLC, $184,900 on July 24

244 Half Mile Road: City Fish Market to Guaranty B&T Co, $1 on July 24

19 Hobson Street: J&R Sources LP to Andrew Lucibello, $104,000 on July 18

68 Hobson Street: Gregory and Melissa May to James Daly, $234,000 on July 19

1 Lenox Street: Stephen Gambardella and Joann Esposito to Melody Ortiz, $150,000 on July 22

37 Pinehurst Drive, Unit 37: GRS Assoc LLC to Richard Benedetto, $274,900 on July 23

33 Short Beach Road: Anthony Nazzaro to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $1 on July 25

656 Silver Sands Road: Beachside Village LLC to Vigliotti Const Co, $1,700,000 on July 22

73 Valle View Drive: Kavita R. Patel to Anna M. Delucia, $315,000 on July 24

89 Victor Street: Richard and Melissa L. Delucia to Christine and Catherine Carfora, $194,000 on July 24

North Branford

14 Miller Road: Marguerite A. Ferrucci to Dorothy K. and William B. Abbott, $203,000 on July 26

North Haven

24 George Street: Angelo Delieto to Tracey Finer, $238,000 on July 24

43 Great Meadow Drive: Nicole Mastroianni to Miteshkumar Shah and Gopiben Kadakia, $413,413 on July 22

75 Hartley Street: Rank S. Jablonski and Bene Jablowski to Robin Clark, $215,000 on July 18

27 Laydon Avenue: Dennis Dougan to Matthew E. and Stacey L. Skiffington, $220,000 on July 22

12 Louis Street: FNMA to Olivia Dantonio, $110,100 on July 23

30 Montowese Avenue: RSB Assoc LLP to 30 Montowese LLC, $577,000 on July 24

183 Pool Road: Steven and Deborah Laccone to Sell Fast Home Buyers LLC, $160,500 on July 23

360 Quinnipiac Avenue: John Marinuzzi and Cassandra Marin-Uzzi to Gina M. and Richard S. Adams, $230,000 on July 25

29 Turner Drive: Kathleen Macmillen and Lisa Feather to Cassandra and John Marinuzzi, $290,000 on July 24


578 Durham Road: Glenn S. and Tracy M. Carafeno to Xiangyu Cong and Hongying Qi, $339,000 on July 19

4775 Durham Road: Marc D. and Tanja A. Meglio to John and Amy Greenleaf, $380,000 on July 16

498 Granite Road: Alan M. Soffer and Linda Berman-Soffer to Ryan Charette and Sarah Schlatter, $317,500 on July 16

41 Graves Avenue: Gary H. Geller and Lori Lowe-Geller to Maxwell M. and Victoria S. Reeve, $550,000 on July 19

715 Leetes Island Road: Annette Jarman to Robert D. and Susan Yaro, $530,000 on July 15

587 Long Hill Road: Robert M. Riggio to Peter J. Morrison, $390,000 on July 17

78 Riverview Drive: Richard J. and Shannon M. Pappert to Steven D. Rumanoff and Janet Crown-Rumanoff, $675,000 on July 18

120 Saddle Hill Drive: James G. and Carol A. Evans to John Hall and Christine Mccabe, $315,000 on July 19

48 Sconset Lane: Robert J. and Patricia B. Babjak to Vincent A. and Alicia M. Valentino, $418,000 on July 17


123 5 Fields Road: James E. and Kathleen E. Krause to James C. and Cassandra M. Davern, $535,000 on July 16

13 Copperstone Lane: Edward F. and Ellen F. Delvecchio to Herbert P. and Jacqueline G. Peterson, $380,000 on July 16

12 Deer Run Road: Faith D. Atticks to Nancy Brown, $350,000 on July 18

37 Governors Way: Robert M. and Marcy R. Laska to Carlos Fernandez and Sara Yajaira-Suarez, $650,000 on July 17

238 Legend Hill Road, Unit 238: Xilla T. Ussery and Daniel M. Jorgensen to Edward A. and Sarah T. Lottick, $325,500 on July 17

43 Madison Avenue: E James and Susan S. Macleod to James A. and Barbara A. Waters, $780,000 on July 15


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