Home ownership is vital to society

I am grateful to The Day for publishing a story about my struggle to defend the Constitution in Waterford, July 14. I believe that homeowner's rights are a cornerstone of American Society.

The story contained inaccuracies. The headline for example states, "Man building addition of Waterford home sues town and state," while in truth my claims are only against the town.

In these United States there is a large body of law including the Fourth Amendment and Connecticut State Statue CT 29-261d where it is up to the individual to ensure a home's protection and equal enforcement for all.

A good citizen would not only ask the courts for review but would also bring concerns forth in our democratic process like town meetings. First Selectman Daniel Steward's loss of self-control and refusal to speak to an important issue such as "right of entry" by town officials does a disservice to this process. In dealing with the polite insistence of home owners rights, there are no inappropriate comments.

I believe others suffer needlessly at the hands of town officials across this great country of ours. To hear more of this story or to tell your own personal adversities with local government go to BuildaBetterAmerica.us and share your comments.

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