Parent-critical column should get failing grade

This is in response to the op-ed "Don't blame the schools, blame lack of parenting," (Aug. 18).

This has left me enraged at the fact that the author, Chris Powell, so graciously danced around the issue of increased administration and decreased effective teaching. Decrease in the ability to engage and keep the students interested.

"The result announced in August from the latest standardized tests of Connecticut student were again mediocre."

This has very little to do with lack of parenting or parenting in general. We parents get our kids to bed, help with assignments and homework, feed them breakfast, get them to school, sit on boards, PTA, PTO, school governance councils, volunteer at schools and give all we can at home while working; and our students test scores remain as he says - mediocre. This is not because of single-parent households, fatherless kids or remediation but because of the lack of engaging our students in a curriculum that is filled with rich and vital information relevant to the students' cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

We parents have set high expectations for our students and it is the responsibility of schools to encourage those same high standards, regardless of the "demographic" of their students.

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