King's message should inspires us to be responsible citizens

Fifty years ago Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s history-making speech was focused on individual freedom, justice and liberty for all of us. He talked of individual responsibility. We all need to look, listen, and read about our state, our representatives in Washington, and our local governments. Only by being willing to be open to different points of view can we decide for ourselves whether what we are hearing/reading is true, is good or bad for our country and for ourselves.

If you're between ages 18 and 30, find the time to learn what's going on. Whatever it is, it will affect you personally. What we read and what we hear requires each of us to think about it. This takes some time and research from our busy schedules. Opinions, voiced or printed as fact, are not necessarily "true."

It's really up to all of us to make it part of our lives to educate ourselves about the political landscape. This is not Democrat vs. Republican problem. It is a government vs. its citizens problem. This is an opportunity for all of us to become involved and be able to make good decisions. We need to become concerned citizens.

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