Deeds of little people get too little attention

As I was looking for a space to hang an official citation from the State of Connecticut General Assembly, introduced by Rep. Ernest Hewett, 39th District, presented to me by him recently for my exceptional participation in the betterment of our community, I was thinking about all the people in this town with the big names and the big money who get thanked and honored publicly. I have been a community organizer/activist since 2007 and not one time have I ever received a phone call, a letter or any kind of acknowledgement from the City Council, the sitting mayor, etc.

I do volunteer work because I care and love this city. My recent community service event was "Backpacks With Healthy Snacks" on MLK Day this year. I collected and gave out 67 backpacks to area agencies that deal with children, some were also given to single-parent households. I also did a fundraiser for Bennie Dover Jackson Middle School. The money was given to the New London High School shop class and they built and delivered six picnic tables to the school. I know there are many "little people" who have also helped make this a better place. So as I retire from my volunteer work here, I say to them, "good job, well done."

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