Schools Welcomed New Staff Members

When school doors opened last week, it was an exciting first day for students, and an exciting first day for several new staff members as well.

At Essex Elementary School, Katie Duncan is a new part-time paraeducator and Kirsten Reynolds is the new network technician. At Deep River Elementary School, there is one new teacher, Caitlyn Hardy. At Chester Elementary School, Pamela Baclaski is the new remedial reading teacher. Marijane Mantie returns to the school after decreased student enrollments led to her layoff two years ago.

At Valley Regional High School, new staff includes Kevin Woods, a special education teacher; Sarah Rubelmann, also a special education teacher; Elizabeth Nischan, an English teacher; and Amy Farotti, a science teacher. New staff also includes paraeducator Nancylynn Maselli and part-time art teacher Lori Sullivan. At John Winthrop Middle School, Catherine Vashel is a new math tutor.

There are also new staff members serving in district-wide positions. They include Christine Corcoran, a half-time instrumental music teacher, and Susan Alfiero-Bavasso, a part-time speech and language pathology therapist. The district created a new position for this school year, a supervisor of pupil services. Tyson Stoddard was named to the position in June and started with the district in July.


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