Flanders Rd. fails test of return on investment

In a Day letter, "Stopping Flanders Road plan would be mistake," (Aug. 29), concerning the Flanders Road bond proposal, an RTM member wrote "Spending bonding funds to improve our infrastructure is necessary to expand the tax base, maintain future funding for schools and other local services and ensure our quality of life." Except for the quality of life part, this is true only when the return on spending is greater than the cost.

When the cost is greater than the return, vital taxpayer dollars are sucked out of other needed projects such as school bonding.

Groton estimates the Flanders Road project will cost $16.1 million total, $9.9 million bond plus $6.2 million interest.

Just to break even on this cost over the 20 year life of the bonds would require new revenue of over $800,000 annually. Achieving this would require new development, taxable on day one, assessed at about $40 million.

For perspective, this would be development equivalent to another Marriott hotel plus another Groton Square shopping center, all on Flanders Road south of Interstate 95. This is unreal!

I believe this project would be a net drain on taxpayer dollars for at least 30 years if not more. I cannot support it.

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