Coast Guard cadet removed from leadership position

New London — The highest-ranking cadet at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy has been removed from his leadership position due to personal misconduct.

Kelly Campbell, a first-class, or senior, cadet, began leading the cadet corps as the fall regimental commander Aug. 19. He was temporarily removed Aug. 31 and permanently ousted from that position Sept. 5, according to the academy.

Campbell was not disenrolled, or expelled, from the academy for an incident that took place around Labor Day weekend. David M. Santos, communications director at the academy, said he could not discuss the details or describe the misconduct in any way.

“This action was taken in accordance with academy policy due to personal misconduct, resulting in loss of confidence in the cadet’s suitability to serve in a leadership position. We took this action because of the high standards of conduct to which we hold the corps of cadets,” Santos said in a statement.

The matter was investigated by staff at the academy, not the Coast Guard Investigative Service, and their investigation is complete. The commandant of cadets, Capt. James McCauley, determined the punishment.

Santos said he could not discuss any other disciplinary actions that may have been taken, but he did say the misconduct was not of a criminal nature and did not involve anyone else.

Cadets apply to be the regimental commander, a position that is at the top of the cadet chain of command, and are selected by a board. The commander oversees the cadets on the regimental staff, who administratively run the corps of cadets.

Regimental commanders have been removed in the past, but not in recent memory, Santos added.

John Ramirez, a first-class cadet, is now the regimental commander.

Campbell declined to comment.


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