Disjointed commentary provided little insight

Allison Benedikt, who I have read before, has written how she and her husband stopped contributing to their 401(k) to pay for pre-school in New York City, "Don't send your kid to a private school," (Sept. 2). Seems disjointed. I do not think her approach advances her argument. Shaming people into changing behavior doesn't work.

More broadly I agree that the cost of private school from pre to college is hard to justify. I also think that the cost of public education, usually half if not more of every municipal budget, given the results, is hard to justify. Sending a few more kids into the system will not make substantive changes. Parents send their kids into public schools with gusto when those public schools provide an educational environment conducive to learning.

Had Benedikt gone to school in such an environment perhaps she would not write with such pride ... "You know all those important novels that everyone's read? I haven't. I know nothing about poetry, very little about art, and please don't quiz me on the dates of the Civil War. I'm not proud of my ignorance...." Sounds like she is very proud.

Every parent tries to make decisions they think are the best for their kids. I am sure Ms. Benedikt is no different.

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