Three Salem candidates had overdue taxes as of last week

Salem - Three Republican candidates for municipal office had overdue property taxes as of Sept. 11. Taxes were due July 1.

Georgia Pech, the Republican candidate for treasurer, owes $4,441.03 in property taxes for 460 Darling Road but said the balance will be paid before the next bill is due.

Pech, who is the Republican registrar of voters, said she is a senior citizen on a fixed income and that her husband recently passed away. She said she has an arrangement with the tax collector where she pays her property taxes over the course of four months.

She said her real estate tax bill is more than $10,000 per year and that it's "kind of tough to do all that at one time."

Board of Education Chairman Stephen Buck, who is running for re-election, and his wife, Susan Buck, who is running for election to the Library Board of Trustees, had overdue property taxes but paid them last week.

On Wednesday, Stephen Buck owed a total of $401.05 on two motor vehicles. Stephen and Susan Buck also owed $91.22 on a vehicle that was listed under both their names.

Stephen Buck said he paid the taxes on Thursday morning.


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