It's October baseball for Sox

For the first time since 2009, the Boston Red Sox have clinched a postseason berth.

It's kind of crazy to think it's been that long since Boston has played October baseball but it's the truth. Ironically as well that Jon Lackey, who pitched a fantastic complete game last night, was part of the LA Angels of Anaheim team that swept the Sox in that AL Division series 4 seasons ago.

Another strange coincidence is that the Red Sox clinched a playoff berth with 93 wins after suffering 93 losses last season. Oh and while I'm on this, how about the fact the the first two teams to advance to October on the same night are the Red Sox and LA Dodgers who just one year ago had one of the biggest trades in the history of baseball sending A-Gonz, Crawford, Beckett and Punto to LA for all that money Ben Cherington used to assemble this team that went on to have one of the biggest one year turnarounds in baseball history.

It's been an exciting and unexpectedly fun season. Winning does that for both the team playing and the fans watching. I really like that there was no celebration for their playoff berth last night as the team is waiting to win the AL East. They can do that tonight with either a Boston win against the Toronto or a Tampa Bay loss to the Orioles.

Also, with the best record in baseball comes home field advantage in throughout the playoffs so I fully expect this team to continue what they've been doing all season for the last 8 games with the exception of those players nursing injuries.

After a nightmare season last year and the September collapse of 2011, it's refreshing to know this special season will continue.

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