Handlebars removed from Stonington bar

Stonington - The Handlebar Cafe has complied with a town cease and desist order and removed a large set of handlebars from its roof and covered over the name of the business next to a large mural, both of which were done as part of a reality television show.

The town recently sued Elizabeth Mitchell, the owner of the Route 1 bar, because the two items were erected without permits and then she refused to take them down.

She said last week that although she considers the handlebars and mural to be more like ornaments and pieces of art than illegal signs, she would have to comply with the town's because it was "senseless" to spend money on legal fees.

Both changes required a sign and building permit from the town. The town had said that if the bar name was removed from the mural painted for the Spike TV show "Bar Rescue," it would likely no longer be considered a sign and could remain.


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