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Day abandons workers in backing L+M layoffs

The Day is Taking the wrong wide on hospital service and job cuts. In the editorial, "Hospitals under pressure," (Sept. 9), The Day showed more concern for Lawrence + Memorial Corporation's bottom line than the pressures faced by the people and patients who depend on our community hospital. The editorial board failed to hold L+M Corporation management accountable for choosing cuts to vital services and layoffs of nurses and healthcare workers at L+M Hospital. Instead, The Day in its editorial chose to join the state health care lobby's political blame game and take the heat off of the corporation's executives.

Worse, the editorial defended L+M Corp's decision and provided the Connecticut Hospital Association's threats of eliminated services and job cuts - if they didn't get their way in the legislature - as cover.

The editorial board ignored their own newspaper's reporting when it comes to L+M strong financial footing. There is no justification for laying off bedside caregivers at our community hospital when six months ago the corporation's chief financial officer claimed over $200 million on its balance sheet.

The reality is that these staffing losses, combined with the elimination of child car-seat inspections, parenting classes, and injury and teen pregnancy prevention programs, will hurt our community.

Is it any wonder why we would question whose side The Day's editorial board is on?

Lisa D'Abrosca
President, L&M Hospital Nurses, AFT Local 5049

Stephanie Johnson
President,L&M Hospital LPN/Techs,AFT Local 5051

Harry Rodriguez
President, L&M Healthcare Workers Local 5123
New London

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