Hello October Baseball; It's Nice To See You Again

After 162 regular season games, the Boston Red Sox have the most wins in the American League at 97, securing the top spot and home field advantage throughout the playoffs.  They also have a luxury of having a week off while 3 teams battle for a chance to face them in the ALDS.  

The Rangers and Rays will have a one-game playoff in Texas tonight to determine who the second Wild Card team is with that team playing the Indians in Cleveland on Wednesday for the chance to play Boston.

Interesting note is if the Indians advance it will pit Terry Francona against John Farrell in the city where they both won a World Series championship 6 years ago.   I guess the big question is a pretty simple one: can the Red Sox keep this up?

Consistency over a 5 month span is not an easy thing and it's what I've been most impressed and surprised with of this team.  I wrote this a few articles ago that the Red Sox have all the ingredients to take them to October and through October.  Solid starting pitching, clutch offense and a bullpen that can shut the door.  

Again, we've seen that through the regular season so let's hope it translates to the postseason as well.

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