Moronic cartoon had no place on Day page

Does no one on your editorial staff keep up with current developments in science? If so, why would you print Glenn McCoy's moronic cartoon in the Sept. 30 edition of The Day?

While some climate-change deniers might be able to cook the averages to make it appear that there has been no increase in global temperatures over the past 15 years, ocean temperatures have risen in that time, and there has been a huge amount of Arctic ice melt. That makes McCoy's cartoon a complete misreading of science.

I've got no problem with a political cartoonist playing slightly fast and loose with the truth if they're making a valid point, but there are limits. If a political cartoonist portrayed Bashar al-Assad as a peace-loving man who would never do anything to harm his citizens, you wouldn't print that, would you? Why should McCoy's cartoon get a pass?

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