Day 'threw in towel' on out-of-control sports

I was sorry to see the defeatist attitude in The Day's editorial, "$750,000 goodbye," regarding the outrageous salaries of college coaches. You threw in the towel, where you could have called for change.

The October issue of The Atlantic tackled the problem better, "How Sports are Ruining High School, the Real Reason U.S. students are Falling Behind." The hidden costs are astronomical - not only monetarily, but in human terms. And the return on the investment is not what it's touted to be when a district spends $1,348 per cheerleader and only $328 a year for a math student. Plus, it used to be that you could participate in a sport without having to commit three hours a day six days a week. You could play organized sports without having to forgo other, broader interests. It used to be that sports taught you to balance your life, and to honor all commitments, not just to your team.

Come on parents - wake up!

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