Boehner is standing by his principles

The Day's Oct. 2 editorial, "Blame Boehner's blunders for shutdown," the editor just couldn't comprehend the idea of standing by your principles even when under pressure to change.

The editor can't understand that many of us do not want the government in charge of 20 percent of the economy. This doesn't surprise me because it seems the only principles liberals will adhere to are to kowtow to every enemy and spend every dime.

More important, House members have a constitutional right to vote as they please, even if it means not fulfilling President Obama's dreams.

In addition, Obama has given Obamacare waivers to favored unions, well-connected friends, and to Congress and their staffs. Yet he wouldn't agree to give the American people a one-year waiver, while giving some businesses that same waiver.

Please, stop contributing to the disinformation that's peddled by Democrats and trumpeted by the mainstream media.

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