Firehouse Open House a Blazing Success

The North Madison Volunteer Fire Company held its annual open house last weekend, and one of the demonstrations that drew a large crowd was this one. In a demonstration of an everyday event, the firefighters started a fire in a pan on a stove in a pre-constructed kitchen. Then firefighters sprayed water on the grease fire, showing how this intensifies the fire rather than extinguishes it. As the crowd looked on, the flames quickly spread around the kitchen to the cabinets, to the walls, to the ceiling, to the furniture.

As the fire grew, Jack Wiesbrock, left, and Justin Bowler looked on. Sunday's open house proved to be one of the fire company's best attended. Firefighters took lots of photos, which are available for viewing and downloading at The company would also like to thank the major sponsors, including Home Depot, Big Y, Phoenix Cleaning and Restoration, and Act II Thrift Shop.


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