Reid needs to do his job, act on bills

The American people are being held hostage by two political obstructionists. The House has sent numerous bipartisan bills to the Senate for action that have been blocked by one person, Majority Leader Harry Reid. He has defiantly blocked bills from moving to the Senate floor to protect Senate Democrats from voting in deference to their constituents, avoiding possible re-election concerns. His actions show blatant disregard for the American people. We should demand his resignation.

The House has passed numerous bills to reopen various branches of government, putting affected employees back to work. Reid and President Obama have refused to entertain passage. Our president feels the Affordable Care Act is more important than the rest of America, except for those illegally exempted from it. The president and Reid state there will be no negotiation, but blame the GOP. It's 100 percent their way or nothing.

In order for government to work, both sides need to perform their duties through debate and voting. Contact Sens. Dick Blumenthal and Chris Murphy and demand that they exert pressure on Reid to vote on all bills coming from the House.

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